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How primary care can help employers.

DPC allows small businesses to offer healthcare benefits they otherwise couldn’t afford, and larger companies to increase their benefits for employees.

For "Small" Businesses

We understand that including health insurance as a benefit to your employees is cost prohibitive. Our clinic services allow you to invest in your employees’ health, reduce absenteeism and add benefits at a fraction of the cost of health insurance.

For Bigger Businesses

Our employer pricing offers unparalleled medical access at affordable rates that pair well with high deductible plans, HSA plans, health sharing plans or even incorporated into self-funded plans to reduce cost.

2-20 Employees

per employee

20-49 Employees

per employee

50+ Employees

per employee

Reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

Your health affects every part of your life, and it’s no different for your employees. We give each patient incredible access via text, call, email, video chat, office visits or home visits. With this access, we address smoldering health concerns before they develop into fires, preventing your employee from missing work. Because of our remote access, we can save employees the time and inconvenience of traveling to our clinic for issues easily handled remotely, allowing their healthcare needs to be met while remaining productive.

The Society of Actuaries performed a study that shows employers who incorporate DPC into their plans see a reduction in ER, hospitalizations, and costs for their employees. Check out this study on the Society of Actuaries' website!

Save your company money while providing superior care.

By switching to our membership program, you can reliably budget $50 per employee per month for the lion’s share of their typical medical expenses. Our services easily pair with a high-deductible, catastrophic insurance plan or HSA plan to cover the higher expenses of healthcare, like specialists, surgeries and hospitalizations. Reducing the monthly premium, eliminating primary care copays, and receiving most common medications at-cost have all been shown to save employers money.

Some employers elect to cost share between 0-100% of the membership fee with their employees. (Most often we see a 50/50 even split.)

All members of Cornerstone Family Medicine receive:

Flat fee per employee per month
At-cost medications for the most commonly prescribed medications, substantially cheaper than standard costs -- all available for mail delivery
Telehealth (texts, calls, etc), office visits and home visits for you and your employees
We coordinate with specialists and imaging centers to get the best care for the right price
Easily pairs with more affordable insurance plans which optimize cost savings while ensuring sensible health coverage for you and your employees
By eliminating copays for primary care visits and medications, and decreasing use of insurance plans, we can reduce yearly premium increases that many employers face

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