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Conversations with Cornerstone featuring Local Guest Vince Fuemmeler, IMS

Published on June 22, 2023

What about Cornerstone caught your eye?

Well, I think when I first contacted Dr. Fink and I heard about the company coming into town, I asked that he would come out and speak to the employees and I just that he he said yeah I'll come right out.

His willingness to come out him Dr. Trina at the time but we got the whole group together. He talked about the practice and probably stayed there well over an hour answering questions doing those kinds of things that meant a lot.

As a CEO, how does the program work for your business?

You know as far as the business goes, what I offer to the employees was to pick up 20% of the tab. So for the for the monthly or the annual, whatever that was, I felt like that was important enough to have that one-on-one with your doctor. Some of them already had a physician which was fine. But, to be able to at least offer it to them... You know it's not a lot of money necessarily, but it helps. And I think it's engaging in being in the community having them here. I think that means more than the monetary value, really, to be able to have that one-on-one with a physician.

As a patient, what do your believe are great benefits of Cornerstone care?

First of all, to be able to have the access to text Dr. Finck, or call the office say, "I need to come in" and being able to go in whenever I need to without having to worry about Bill. I don't abuse it. You know, don't go very often and then the prescriptions from them that are much much less than you know what our traditionally got from other other places. So but for me again you know the money is important, but the one on one interaction and having somebody here is more importantly made from the peace of mind safe.

What makes Cornerstone worth the investment for your employees?

Being able to offer the access and the benefit to my employees, I think that's a huge help for us. When we started offering health insurance it's hard to pay 100% of what your employees health care costs are and so when you have a business to run as a group. So that's where we started because once you start high and then if you got to come down it's not a good thing. It's so for me to be able to not only do that health insurance to help compensation. I think that means a lot to them for the ones that did sign on. And for the ones that did sign on, I've heard nothing but good things as far as accessibility and treatment and I don't go in and discuss their medical issues with him, but I've had a few of them come up and say, "Hey you know, thanks for bringing them in. They've really been nice. They've been great to be able to go to and those kind of things."

Would you recommend Cornerstone to other CEOs?

Honestly, I think they'd be crazy not to take a look at it. You know, no disrespect to the other physicians we have in town, they've done a great job. But, we've had such an up and down obviously lately with the hospital and the clinics that really to be able to have Dr. Fink here. He was raised here. You know his family's from here being able to have that trust factor. I really just think any employer in town. She'll take a look and if they're not taking a look I just think they're doing themselves and their team a disservice.

We offer personalized care to our patients.

My wife and I both joined on and so for us to be able to have again that flexibility to be able to email or text or call. They're all the whole staff's very friendly. Dr. Frank gives you plenty of time when you go in there. You don't feel rush. You're not waiting a long time like a lot of the traditional offices that you got to wait and wait and wait or takes for a long time to get in. When you need a doctor. You need them now so you can't be sick and say I'll see you at 3 weeks. That doesn't work out very well. So for me personally just having that attention and giving us the time we need. Again. My wife and I are pretty healthy so we don't need it very often, but to be able to have access to a doctor when we need it, that's that's the important.

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