Primary care the way it should be: focused on you!

Convenient. Affordable. Personal.

Dr. Finck, Haley & Brenda

Cornerstone Family Medicine strives to provide convenient, affordable, personal primary care to all our patients — all without the hassles of normal medical care. 

  • No insurance needed
  • No copays
  • Same/next day appointments
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Direct Primary Care (DPC) in Mexico, MO

Cornerstone Family Medicine is an independent family medicine clinic, established to offer transparent, affordable healthcare on your terms. Whether via phone, in clinic, or even in your own home or office, we’re here to provide personalized, prompt care when you need it most. 

We offer same or next day appointments, to give you access to your physician when you need it most.

We cut out the insurance middleman to work directly with you, offering the convenience, affordability and advocacy you deserve. Have more questions? Hit up our FAQ page!

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Your care for your budget

Cornerstone is a DPC clinic, meaning we are a membership-based clinic that does not accept insurance. This liberates you from the cumbersome and expensive restraints required by insurance companies. 

We work with and for you, not the insurance company, with prices that are fair and easy to understand. No more surprises when you checkout. When we prescribe a medication, we fill it for you — at cost. No hidden fees at the pharmacy.

Our services easily pair with a health-savings account (HSA) or high-deductible catastrophic insurance plan to pay for emergencies, surgeries and hospitalizations. With a lower premium, substantially cheaper medications, and a flat monthly fee without copays, we provide more affordable medical coverage with increased accessibility and excellent, personalized care for you and your family. Want specifics on charges? We actually tell you our costs, nothing hidden, right here.

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Why Cornerstone Family Medicine?

Most primary care offices provide services to thousands of patients. Your previous experience has probably included long wait times and short visits.  You’ve probably felt rushed and unable to discuss all your concerns.  You may have felt anxious and uncertain regarding the final cost of the visit, tests, and medications– never knowing until you are billed, often months after your visit. 

At Cornerstone, we have around 800 patients, at most, per provider. We not only have as much time as you need to discuss your health concerns, but also the time to call, advocate and help you navigate the muddy waters of healthcare to get the tests and specialists you need and the attention and care you deserve. Where possible, we trim out the middlemen of healthcare to allow you unfettered access to your doctor on your terms. 

All members of Cornerstone Family Medicine receive:

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