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Conversations with Cornerstone featuring George Huffman, Pearl Motor Company

Published on June 22, 2023

How did Cornerstone catch your eye?

Cornerstone caught my eye because of Dr. Finck. He's a local person that came back after medical school came back to his hometown and that's kind of similar to what I did. My employees, what caught my eye for them to be introduced to him, is just the ease of talking to him, the ease of getting medical care. Most of my employees did not have a relationship with their doctor and he brings that to them which is very important in my opinion.

What makes Cornerstone worth the investment for your employees?

The savings for my employees or what I've seen from Cornerstone, is kind of hard to measure. But what I do know is that I don't have those ER or urgent care visits and and having health employees is very important. After going through COVID and everybody misses so much work, them being able to contact their doctor when they get sick and not have to worry about paying a doctor visit and things like that... So keeping our employees healthy is something you find really hard to put a number on, but I'm very happy with it.

As a CEO, how does the program work for your business?

So my investment with Cornerstone is that I've offered to pay half of my employees’ monthly bill to Cornerstone. I wanted my employees to have some buy-in and I didn't want to just blank it off for it to everybody but people that felt it and was important, I thought they would be willing to invest the other half. And it's worked. I think every one of them is happy. It's been a good fit for my company.

What is your favorite thing about Cornerstone as a patient?

My favorite thing about Cornerstone is a patient is just the ease of doing business with them. I can text him. I can call him when I go in. It's so comfortable. It's just been a great experience for me. And as I'm getting older I'm starting to have issues, I'm starting to have to take more medicine, and he does a great job of explaining it to me. He truly cares. He remembers everything about me. I could never do his job cuz I just don't have the memory but he doesn't outstand a job in just the comfort of doing business with cornerstone is great.

What feedback have you heard from your employees?

So, the feedback that I've gotten for my employees is they appreciate having a relationship with their doctor. They appreciate having the ability to call or text or set up an appointment, and they appreciate the ease of doing business just like the experiences that I had. But every employee has been very satisfied with Dr. Finck.

Would you recommend Cornerstone to other employers?

I would recommend Cornerstone to any employer. It's a good fit. It does not replace my health insurance to my employees, but it allows me to maybe carry a higher deductible and it allows me to eliminate some of those expensive visits that employees have that make your premium go up every year. So I think it's just a great fit - not to take the place of health insurance - but to supplement it and to keep employees healthy and happy because that's the name of the game.

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