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New Family Medical Clinic Arrives in Fulton

Published on June 13, 2023

The Cornerstone Family Medicine clinic will open at 500 Market St, Suite 300, in July, serving all age groups.

The clinic offers a variety of primary care services including women's and men's health services, cancer screenings, weight loss programs, adult medicine and more, said Alexander Finck, a board-certified family medicine physician for the clinic.

There will also be a 24/7 telehealth line for members of the clinic to access at any time. What a person would normally visit for urgent care or unnecessary emergency room visits, can be solved through the telehealth line, Finck said.

It is a membership-based clinic, which means there is a $50 flat fee every month for adults and $20 for children. Insurance can cover lab fees, medication or medical testing.

"While it might seem foreign to some of your readers, it's essentially like treating health insurance like car insurance," Finck said. "So, you basically use your car insurance for things like wrecks and big things, but you don't use it for, you know, everyday maintenance and that sort of thing."

The family clinic also has a location in Mexico. Many people were commuting from Fulton to Mexico to visit the clinic, so they decided to create a location in Fulton, Finck said.

"My passion lies with rural medicine and I feel like, you know, rural communities should have the same access to quality health care as larger cities do," Finck said.

Read the full article at The Fulton Sun.

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