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Dr. Alexander Finck Accepts the E. Warner Williams Business Service Award

Published on October 25, 2022

Cornerstone Family Medicine received the E. Warner Williams Business Service Award at the 37th Annual Commerce and Industry Dinner October 25th.

Cornerstone Family Medicine brought a unique approach to medical care, called “direct primary care”, to Mexico in the summer of 2021. Under this system, patients are charged a flat monthly fee for 24/7, direct access to their doctor, wholesale prices on medications, cheap labs, and imaging (often beating insurance prices). Initially, Cornerstone opened its doors in 2021 under Noble Health. As Noble Health closed the hospital in March of 2022, Cornerstone had to transition to an independent, self-employed clinic nearly overnight. Most admirably, they promised all former Noble employees three months free medical care at their clinic and guaranteed their nursing staff back pay for the time they were uncompensated by Noble. Alex Finck, MD summed up their determination in one word: community. “It can be your family unit, colleagues, or your town, but those around us – the touchstones of our hearts—drive us to endeavors we otherwise wouldn’t achieve. Community – and the leaders within them – allow us to overcome the most persistent eventuality – change. Our community brought us here and is our North Star for every decision I make for our clinic.”

"Without you here, without you supporting us, and without you welcoming us with open arms and embracing us, we wouldn't be here operating as a clinic. I'm just so incredibly proud to be from Mexico, for Mexico, treating Mexico."

Dr. Alex Finck during his acceptance speech

Watch the full speech on the Mexico Chamber of Commerce's Facebook page.

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