Alex Finck

We can’t wait to work for you

Cornerstone Family Medicine is a culmination of an 11 year journey from back home in Mexico, MO, starting in high school. It took a lot of work to get here, largely due to the support, love and help I was given from others. That includes my hometown, Mexico. I have never understood the popular portrayal of needing to get away from your hometown and “escape”. Mexico is full of good times I cherish and hard times which molded me into a better person and doctor. We have all heard the phrase “it takes a village”. It’s cliche, but apt. I owe my love of science and learning to my teachers. I owe my love of medicine to the doctors who let me shadow them. And I owe who I am to those who raised me, my hometown. Most importantly, without Mexico, I wouldn’t have met my wife, Loren. Where on Earth would I ever find a community I would rather care for? I am from here, for here, to help those who helped me. 

Mexico is a great town. It’s a great place to live– and I know it’s a great place to grow up. I can’t wait to raise our kids here. We want our families and clinic to grow with you and our community. Unlike other clinics you’ve been to, we are here for you when you need us most. Whenever and wherever is most convenient, we are there for you — because being your doctor is not a part-time job and your health problems do not take weekends off. 

We can’t wait to work for you and your family.

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