How Cornerstone Family Medicine can help your business


Help us help you: How primary care can help employers.

Attract and retain employees: 

DPC allows small businesses to offer healthcare benefits they otherwise couldn’t afford, and allows larger companies to increase their benefits for employees. We provide a level of access, care and service which is far above any traditional doctor’s office you or your employees have experienced. It is an experience fit for a CEO — available for every employee.

Reduce absenteeism and increase productivity: 

Your health affects every part of your life, and it’s no different for your employees. We give each patient incredible access via text, call, email, video chat, office visits or home visits. With this access, we address smoldering health concerns before they develop into fires, preventing your employee from missing work. Because of our remote access, we can save employees the time and inconvenience of traveling to our clinic for issues easily handled remotely, allowing their healthcare needs to be met while remaining productive. 

Save your company money while providing superior care: 

By switching to our membership program, you can reliably budget $50 per employee per month for the lion’s share of their typical medical expenses. Our services easily pair with a high-deductible, catastrophic insurance plan or HSA plan to cover the higher expenses of healthcare, like specialists, surgeries and hospitalizations. Reducing the monthly premium, eliminating primary care copays, and receiving most common medications at-cost have all been shown to save employers money.

All members of Cornerstone Family Medicine receive:

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